Recommendations - Books

I find reading books on health matters/practices and spirituality to be especially rewarding. As I read books, I'll post those I recommend here. These will further not only your yoga practice, but your health and spiritual journey as well.

Title: Stress Away: The Way to Relax. A Complete Forty Day Program
Author: Gurutej Singh Khalsa and Gordon Briggs
ISBN: 0771595077

My Description: I bought this book at a used book sale and to be honest I was a little apprehensive due to the age of the book (published 1979). I wondered if the information contained inside was really all that relevant any more. Well, while it's an older book, I was pleasantly surprised! It's a very quick read with to-the-point information regarding the 40 day program to reduce stress. Even if you weren't to follow the 40 day program described, implementing some or all of the suggestions made could only be a good thing for your health. I found myself reading this and nodding constantly in agreement with the methods described. If you can find a copy of this book (Ebay, Kijiji, Used book sale), it's worth the very little amount you'll have to pay for it!

Title: When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times
Author: Pema Chödrön
ISBN: 1570621608

My Description: At first, the title of this book had me thinking it was a book about how to deal with turmoil/upsetting times in one's life. Well it is, but much more too. It discusses Tibetan Buddhism practices to help ourselves be free to look at our lives, and ultimately the lives of everyone on the planet...and the planet ever changing and impermanent. It teaches breathing methods (such as 'Tonglen') and the concept of moving towards that which we would rather run from to approach this as an opportunity to explore and learn.

Title: The Rules of Life
Author: Richard Templar
ISBN: 027370625X

My Description: I found this book to be a great read. Flowed very easily with 2 pages dedicated to each rule. The author is British and being British myself, I also found the quirky humour in the book to be a welcome change. The book is divided into 5 areas called: 1) Rules for You 2) Partnership Rules 3) Family & Friends Rules 4) Social Rules and 5) World Rules. These are said to represent the 5 unconscious circles we all draw around ourselves. All this adds up to a total of 100 Rules.
I found all the rules to make sense and are quite inspiring for one to make the best of their day/life.

Title: The Dance of Anger
Author: Harriet Lerner
ISBN: 006091565X

My Description: "A yoga teacher with anger!" you say? Well in reality, if you have a heart beat...then you will have anger at one time or another. We ALL do! In fact, anger can be healthy. It's the way in which it is expressed that is important. This book deals with various types of anger and provides various examples and methods in dealing with anger. It helps you understand your anger in close relationships and shows how anger works to maintain the status quo and how to change it.

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